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We are creatures of habit.  We are captives of our own inertia.  We want to change.  We may even feel like we NEED to change.  We set New Year’s resolutions to change and by January 10th we are captive again to our habits.

Change may begin with a change of thought.  But to change your life, you must change your behavior.  Life is about DOING.  To change your life from where you are to where you want to be, you must DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.  This is why such a small percentage of our INTENTIONS translate to NEW HABITS and POWERFUL BEHAVIORS.

The Inertia of Habit that holds us captive can best be changed by an OUTSIDE FORCE.  Coaching is that outside force that holds you accountable and empowers you to change your habits – of thinking, of feeling, of doing!  Since 1979 Universal Accounting Center has helped thousands of individuals build their own successful accounting, bookkeeping and tax practices.

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We have the turnkey programs to take your business to the next level!

The Universal Practice Builder™: This program teaches you the art and science of getting and retaining clients. The science makes it certain; the art makes it easy. Get the marketing tools and confidence that will bring you clients — GUARANTEED!

If you give us 17 hours of your time, we’ll guarantee that you’ll get  new clients in return. You won’t regret this investment.

Universal Accounting® provides not only the relevant industry skills to become a qualified bookkeeping and accounting professional, but we also give you the proven marketing systems, promotional plans, and easy-to-follow guides to help you start and build your firm. Plus, work with a specific marketing coach for up to 2-years to help you stay on task and be accountable.

Profit First Professional: Easily attract higher quality clients who are searching for quality professionals to provide premium level business services. Finally switch from a time-for-money pricing structure to highly profitable value-based pricing packages so you can stop working harder (and love what you do even more)! Get the nuts-and-bolts specifics on how to focus on high-value business services (and less on typical tax compliance and bookkeeping only). Gain more confidence and skills knowing that you’re on the leading edge of a major shift in our industry where you can reach your financial goals (and beyond), and help your clients thrive in the process as a certified Profit First Professional (PFP).

Value Builder Certification: This program provides the skills and experience it takes to become a coach for small business owners as their Profit & Growth Expert once you are certified as a Value Builder Specialist (VB). Earning the Value Builder™ certification show you are an expert applying the 8 Drivers and other proven business processes and procedures in business with business owners as your clients.  Also receive access to a proven marketing resources and Lead Management System with a lead nurture program.

Pure Bookkeeping System: This “Successful Practice” System will provide the tools you need to set up your business so it’s more efficient & profitable.  The Pure Bookkeeping system allows you, as the owner of the firm, to implement a proven back office system to insure the work being done for the clients is turnkey with your staff.  It will help you make improve­ments in how you find and  recruit skilled bookkeepers, onboard new staff, train your team to do the bookkeeping efficiently, & get more clients - everything to build the premier accounting service. These improve­ments will  tweak your business to earn some extra profit and/or take your company to the next level.
As an average for each client I am making about $30 – $50 an hour, I’ve been able to quit my full-time job. Thanks again to everyone at Universal Accounting Center! It has created for me a brighter outlook financially, as well as more free time in my personal life. And, I didn’t have to go to college for years and pay thousands of dollars for an education. -- S. Thomas
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