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Nancy Martinez says:

"The Universal Accounting Program gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a job as an Asst. Controller, that most people would say I was not qualified for. Because of the changes to the real estate market this job was short lived but I have since become employed as a Full Charge Bookkeeper at a retail home and garden store. Thank you Universal Accounting Center for giving me the confidence I lacked and the belief in my abilities to know what I am worth."

Arleigh Cortez says:

"LOVE UAC. They really do have THE best accounting education. The biggest benefit I received is the knowledge Ive gained to be an asset, as an accountant, for a company ultimately leading me to be a CFO for a multi-million real estate brokerage! UAC has a HUGE, if not the biggest, part in my successful career as an accountant!"

Terry Harrell, CPA says:

"I have been hired at a local CPA firm. I am the first CPA hired by a two person CPA firm, so I won't get lost in the shuffle. Thanks for your assistance."

Employment with Confidence

"This course is highly recommended for everyone looking for a job or even in employment now. The course provides valuable information that is not out there not even on google search. I appreciate the fact that Roger is an interviewer and telling us from experience what these companies are looking for. He actually, laid down what is needed from the creation of a resume to the last point after the interview. " - George Agblom

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Follow this turnkey process to get the new job you want and deserve.

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